World’s First Trillion Dollar Company

World’s First Trillion Dollar Company is…NOT Apple Inc.

Despite, the thousands of media companies boasting this so-called victory for Apple, Apple is certainly not the world’s first trillion dollar company and almost certainly will not be the last.

While Apple Inc. is the first of its kind to reach a trillion dollar valuation, a disclosed USA-based tech company, Apple wasn’t the first.

You may ask, who was the first? It is difficult to say since many companies are actually undisclosed trusts. Most companies that are currently running and have a valuation of over a trillion dollars are either undisclosed or have a complicated company structure. In history, there have been many companies who will be worth over a trillion dollars today if they still existed or didn’t split up such as Standard Oil.

Apple’s major and largest rival is Huawei, a Chinese-based Telecommunications company which claims claim that it is Chinese government sponsored. More or less, Huawei is the second largest smartphone maker in the world (after Samsung Electronics) while Apple is third. However, Apple’s high prices and domination of the USA market (thanks to President Donald J. Trump’s suspicion over the Chinese government) has helped it stay well alive and healthy.

Source(s): Journalism and Business Insider


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  1. Mohammed Al-Harafi 19 August, 2018 @ 2:00 AM

    how stupid ae u guys. so ur saying that all these media outlets are wrong and that u are correct… so sadd. you just dont want to admit that apple is N1

    • Hello, we did not deny all media outlets. We simply emphasized on the facts that Apple is not the first company to have a valuation of $1 trillion. Most media outlets only exclaimed Apple’s victory which is certainly an achievement without a doubt but it doesn’t make Apple the first company to reach $1 trillion in valuation.

      Apple is certainly the first disclosed USA-based public company to reach a valuation of $1 trillion and Apple is No.1 in valuation for a technology-based company without splitting up into subsidiaries such as Standard Oil for example, however, in its overall value, it is only the eighth largest in the world compared with just other public companies.

      You can see the full list here:

      Just like Tim Cook (CEO of Apple) said, it was a great achievement for Apple but it still has a long way to go if it wants to become the best in the world.

      Thank you, Team.

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