Brexit: Opinion

Yesterday, the team at received an email with an opinion about Brexit and we decided to share this opinion. The email sender will remain anonymous.

Brexit has always been a controversial issue throughout the United Kingdom, England, Ireland and most of Europe. For those unaware, Brexit is the term used for the United Kingdom withdrawing from the European Union due to multiple restrictions from travel to business. British Prime Minister Theresa May was a key person of this occurrence. To learn more about Brexit, head to:

The opinion piece summaried explains that Brexit decreases unity which is both good and bad for the general public but even after Brexit, the United Kingdom will still have many agreements and treaties with the European Union. A major disadvantage on the other hand would be if Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales as well as any oversea territories leave the United Kingdom as London is heading the UK at the moment.

Unfortunately the author has not entered into more detail but nonetheless.

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