Anyone remember the Android and iOS competitor who died before its release?

Acadine Technologies (May 2015 to 2016) attempted to give smartphone users a software alternative to the dominant powers of Google and Apple. However, less than a year after declaring H5OS, a HTML5-based operating system for smartphones derived from Mozilla’s Firefox OS, Acadine’s entire engineering staff got fired and the company prepared its ending.

After Acadine shut downed and ceased H5OS as a result, it was seen as the second death of Firefox OS but was Firefox OS’s legacy over? Nope.

A new operating system called KaiOS expanded from the ashes of Firefox OS and H5OS. However, instead of targetting smartphones, KaiOS took a different turn and blasted into the feature phone market which was almost dead many years ago along with Symbian OS.

KaiOS partnered up with Google, HMD Global, Facebook, Twitter, QUALCOMM, the TickTasksApp, Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Reliance Jio. All these partnerships were significant to the advancements of KaiOS.

Is KaiOS alone? At the moment, KaiOS is the most notable and outstanding of all operating systems on feature phones however it isn’t alone. Other feature phone operating systems that are either active or paused include Android Clamshell, Nucleus RTOS, Smarterphone/LiMO Platform, Limelume OS and MOAP.

KaiOS received most of its media attention during the Mobile World Congress (MWC2018) and when Google striked its arm into the startup with a $22 million USD investment. KaiOS phones are armed by Google with Google Search, YouTube, Google Maps and Google Assistant which neither Amazon Fire OS nor Microsoft Windows Mobile OS achieved.

KaiOS has faced some criticism regarding its involvement with Google as some tweets (via Twitter) consider that KaiOS is being corrupted by Google, however this has little backing.

Reports indicate that KaiOS has an estimated 35-45 million users at the moment around the world with manufacturers including HMD Global (Nokia), TCL Communications (Alcatel) and Reliance Jio (Jio). 

Will KaiOS dominate the feature phones market? or will it burn down in ashes like its predecessors?

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