Thailand’s Cave Rescue Mission Explained

Around 2 weeks ago, a missing Thai soccer team was found in a flooded cave. Social media and news media have made this viral. Here we will explain what’s going on as clear as possible.

Around 2 weeks ago, the 12 boys, aged 11 to 16, and their 25-year-old coach went exploring in the cave after a soccer game when monsoon flooding cut off their exit and prevented families from finding them for almost 10 days.

Around a week ago, Thailand’s national force has found the team in a weak but ok health condition but unfortunately, the terrain and weather didn’t allow them to rescue the boys. Authorities reported publicly that they will attempt to hold the boys in the cave safely as long as possible as attempts are being made to rescue them.

Many suggestions have been opened up but most of them are either too risky or will take too long.

One of the many disadvantages of the cave at the moment is a lack of air supply, workers are in position trying to run an oxygen line into the chambers of the cave but until then divers have been delivering oxygen tanks.

The boys have been armed with diving gear even though it is a last resort due to the risk posed from inexperiences.

Divers have been sent from all around the world and the Thai military has also been deployed. Despite all that, the boys are still very difficult to reach. Around 24 hours ago, the first death in this incident occurred as a Thai military diver died while giving the boys an oxygen tank.

SpaceX, Boring Company, Tesla and PayPal’s keyman Elon Musk has sent his engineers to help the government-based team rescue the boys.

Rescue opportunities are looking bad but organizations, companies, individuals, families and the Thai government are all united to rescue the boys under almost any circumstance.


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