Uber vs Lyft, who will win Skedaddle or will both lose?

According to TechCrunch, both Uber and Lyft have been pursuing a crowdsourced bus startup called Skedaddle. An unnamed source told TechCrunch that Uber has been in discussions to acquire Skedaddle for over a month.

Both Uber and Skedaddle declined to comment at TechCrunch’s request. A company spokesman for Lyft told TechCrunch that they were not in discussion to acquire Skedaddle.

Skedaddle launched in 2015 to help people find a low-cost and easy way to travel to out-of-town events like music festivals. Think of it as rideshare, but to another town, not to the restaurant down the street.

Skedaddle developed an app that lets individuals crowdsource private bus rides. Once there’s demand for a ride to a destination — a festival or say, to a trailhead at a popular hiking spot — the bus is booked. The bus then picks up the confirmed riders within the origin city.

The company, which is based in Boston and New York, has largely stuck to the East Coast of the USA. But it has recently expanded as a result of the Women’s March in Washington held on March 2017. Skedaddle is seen as a threat to big bus companies but fortunately for them it still hasn’t expanded much.

Uber and Lyft have both been making moves in recent months toward a multi-modal ecosystem, a jargon term that basically means having a market share in various forms of transportation. A long-distance rideshare product that could be used as commuter transit or to events is a missing piece for both companies.

Although there is a chance that both Uber and Lyft may not at all acquire Skedaddle but we’ll keep an eye out if there is any suspicious moves.

Source: TechCrunch





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