Organize your life with an app, has launched the TickTasksApp on Google Play, Indus OS (App Bazaar), Sailfish OS, Oxygen OS, Lineage OS, MiOS, ColorOS and many other Android-distributions as well as Chromebooks. For those using other operating systems such as macOS or Windows, the TickTasksApp is available on Chrome and Firefox Browsers.

The TickTasksApp promises to help organize your life. It is available both as an app and as a website allowing anyone with any device that has an internet connection and a descent web browser can access the TickTasksApp in full functionality.

The TickTasksApp has a To-Do list for all your tasks, News aggregator to keep up with world headlines, Social media aggregator so you can access all your social media sites from one website or app and more!

To download on an Android-based operating system:

To download on the Google Chrome Web Store:

To download from Mozilla Firefox Add-ons:

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