Verizon and all new Oath Inc. Story of Yahoo, AOL and Altaba

Verizon Communications, the new owner of AOL Inc, has now purchased Yahoo Inc for $4.8 billion USD. Verizon Communications will merge AOL and Yahoo as well as it’s other subsidiaries under a new brand called Oath Inc.

Although Verizon Communications has purchased Yahoo, parts of Yahoo Inc have not been sold and renamed under Altaba Inc as an investment company. Altaba Inc owns Yahoo! Japan (35.5%), Alibaba Group (16.3%) as well as small shares of Hortonworks Inc, Snap Inc, Gomaji Corp Ltd, Envestnet Inc, Qumu Corporation, SeatGeek Inc, Protagenic Therapeutics Inc, Eastman Kodak Company and Paperless Inc. Altaba’s CEO is Thomas J. McInerney, an ex-chairman of Yahoo Inc.

Following Verizon Communications acquiring of Yahoo, Techcrunch reports that all AT&T customers who used Yahoo, Flickr or Tumblr services with their AT&T account will now be forced to convert to a Yahoo account or leave the services. AT&T has launched its own portal at <> leaving its old Yahoo-based portal.

Verizon Communications has also removed Yahoo’s old CEO, Marissa Mayer, replacing her with ex-CEO of AOL and new CEO of Oath, Tim Armstrong.

For some Oath Inc, could be a new opportunity to grow as both AOL and Yahoo was in decline before Verizon Communications purchase. While for many Oath Inc, could be a huge problem, especially for those who have to transfer away from Yahoo and those who worked with the Yahoo brand like AT&T for both instances.

For Yahoo users in Japan, very little effect will happen on them as Yahoo! Japan will remain owned by Altaba and Softbank without any interferences from Verizon Communications, AOL or Oath Inc.

Overall, Verizon Communications plans to expand and re-grow both AOL and Yahoo as well as it’s other subsidiaries under the new brand, Oath Inc. Let us see what will happen next…






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